Daily Archives: September 8, 2016

When work kills your soul

Hairy legs and all. Being an adult , or as my friends and I call it “Adulting”, is hard work! We drink cups of coffee during the day to help us function with our daily tasks. And at night, we drink wine. Glorious, beautiful wine. As a full grown woman with a love for all things beauty […]

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Netflix & Chill

Who coined that phrase? I was driving thinking about things I need to get done and I reminded myself I need to get WiFi at my condo. Then my brain went, “oh hey, Netflix.” To which my brain responded “Netflix and chill.” To which I also had the thought that my neighbor has that as […]

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Sometimes it does hurt

There are times when being single just sucks. Right now is one of them. As I lay on my couch, the tears still moist on my cheeks; my jaw clinching as I try not to be sad. A pity party about to set in. I lay here and think about everyone around me who gets […]

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Birth Control. Sex. And being a Woman

Birth control and sex. You can’t have one without the other. Well, I mean you can. However, if you don’t want a bundle of joy in the next 9 months ( see post entitled “This is a kid free zone.” ) I recommend it. The saying, “no glove, no love” should be on the forefront […]

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This is a kid free zone

Oh how I know this topic is taboo. Oh how I have been told time and time again just how freaking great kids are. Sure, they are cute. Sweet even. At times. I just don’t want them. Not now. Maybe not ever. Can you hear the silence? This statement instantly will bring up unwanted opinions […]

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Today was a great day

You know when  you have a good day and you wish every day could be just that good? Those days when you live life, you don’t let life just pass you by. Well today was that kind of day in a simple and rather lovely way. I slept in today. And I mean I slept in until […]

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