September 8, 2016

Netflix & Chill

Who coined that phrase? I was driving thinking about things I need to get done and I reminded myself I need to get WiFi at my condo. Then my brain went, “oh hey, Netflix.” To which my brain responded “Netflix and chill.” To which I also had the thought that my neighbor has that as their WiFi name.

To which I realize I have been a victim to that very line! My ex booty call would use it on me. The texts coming in as early as 3 or 4pm to as late as 1 am.
I would respond to the earlier in the day ones, because I was desprate. I admit it. I had no sense of self worth. I was also horny; to be frank.

Needless to say I went on a tirade with myself as I was driving down the road. It went something like this;

“What the hell is Netflix and chill? There is no t.v watching. And if there is, we are laying there and I’m just waiting for you to make a freaking move. So really, all it is, is background noise to having sex. Freaking Netflix and chill my ass. Then after all is said and done you go home.”

I would actually spend the night with the last guy. Mostly because he was a weird one and didn’t like just fucking and leaving. Either way. The point goes back to how the hell did this become a thing?
I know I live in my Alaskan bubble. I freely admit that. I’m also probably behind on the times. That’s ok. I don’t understand this whole dating thing anyways?


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