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Let’s be clear on something…


Single is still my relationship status…..    When I started this blog, I wanted to write about the humor I found in my day-to-day life of being a single female who happens to live in a small Alaskan town. I wanted to write about the humor I found in the conversations I had with my Aunt. How she would […]

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I blame Julia Roberts….

Eat. Pray. Love. And the reason I blame Julia Roberts (This post contains affiliate links) I have watched the movie Eat Pray Love a few times now. Each time the movie ends, I want to quit my job, sale all my earthly belongings and fly off to Italy.  Eat Pray Love is by far my favorite Julia Roberts movie. […]

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Life and blogging goals (Amazon giveaway in post)

Goals. (This post contains an affiliate link) I have goals for my life and also goals for this blog. Writing has always been my passion and over the last few years I have discovered the wonderful world of solo travel. Traveling has taken my out of my comfort zone and opened up a world to me. […]

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Dating after a abusive marriage.

dating after abusive marriage

Dating after a Abusive Marriage   Dating or even trying to date someone after and abusive marriage came with its own set of problems for me. After leaving the Ex, I lacked any sort of self-esteem and did not know my self-worth. I waited with every interaction with a male to be verbally abused. When the beatings did not […]

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