Monthly Archives: November 2016

The Single Girls Survival guide for the Holidays…..

To all the single ladies, the holidays are upon us once more. Christmas is just around the corner and New Years is close behind. Same time as last year and same relationship status. Or maybe this is your first holiday single in a while and you forgot how to navigate this rodeo. Do not fear, […]

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A letter written to you.

Dearest reader of what I write; I want to say thank you for taking the time to read my words, to share my thoughts with your family and friends, take the time to comment on my posts and return back week after week. Building a blog that is successful is not easy. I am not even sure […]

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A reminder of blessings…

With Thanksgiving  just around the corner, and me realizing that my blog posts have been on the heavier side of life; I want to step back and look at how blessed I truly am.  While there will be times  of darkness on this journey I am taking to heal myself, life also holds a lot of happy. […]

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Shattered Glass.

Have you ever just felt broken? There is no poetic or beautiful way to describe the pain. It just is. Like shards of glass sticking into your ribs. You look at the glass, you wonder where the pieces came from, how long they have been there sticking in you. So you sit back and you […]

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