Monthly Archives: December 2016

Verbal abuse & finding the strength to leave.

I have been avoiding writing the second part of  Verbal abuse. The only love I ever knew.  For me living the pain again, remembering the verbally abusive relationship with my now ex-husband weighs me down. I want to share my past to help spread the message that verbal abuse is not love. That abuse, either verbal or physical is […]

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Verbal abuse, the only love I ever knew.

When you grow up in a verbally abusive home, abuse becomes the only love you know. When I was sixteen I remember going up to my mom and asking her if she was worried that I too would find an abusive partner, like she had done many years ago. She had told me that she […]

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An open letter to the Angels who saved me

Angels I truly believe in my heart and soul that I went through the pain I did to help others. God saw a strength in me that I didn’t then see in myself. At least not during those dark days. As we venture on down this road of self-discovery I will go deeper into my past […]

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