A single girl, living life and finding herself in the last frontier.

Life and blogging goals (Amazon giveaway in post)

Goals. (This post contains an affiliate link) I have goals for my life and also goals for this blog. Writing has always been my passion and over the last few years I have discovered the wonderful world of solo travel. Traveling has taken my out of my comfort zone and opened up a world to me. […]

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Dating after a abusive marriage.

dating after abusive marriage

Dating after a Abusive Marriage   Dating or even trying to date someone after and abusive marriage came with its own set of problems for me. After leaving the Ex, I lacked any sort of self-esteem and did not know my self-worth. I waited with every interaction with a male to be verbally abused. When the beatings did not […]

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Girls night out in downtown Juneau Alaska

  It has been just about a year since the last time I had a girls night out in downtown Juneau, Alaska. Because of my real world job I always have to work on the weekends. It can be a major kill joy when you have to miss out on the fun stuff that a girls night out […]

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Thoughts of an over thinker.

I wanted to write this week about something that has been on my mind a lot more lately. Maybe it’s because I don’t have a guy to spend my mental energy on, maybe it is just me; however I always tend to wind up on this topic of thought when I do not have much […]

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When work kills your soul

Hairy legs and all. Being an adult , or as my friends and I call it “Adulting”, is hard work! We drink cups of coffee during the day to help us function with our daily tasks. And at night, we drink wine. Glorious, beautiful wine. As a full grown woman with a love for all things beauty […]

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Netflix & Chill

Who coined that phrase? I was driving thinking about things I need to get done and I reminded myself I need to get WiFi at my condo. Then my brain went, “oh hey, Netflix.” To which my brain responded “Netflix and chill.” To which I also had the thought that my neighbor has that as […]

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Sometimes it does hurt

There are times when being single just sucks. Right now is one of them. As I lay on my couch, the tears still moist on my cheeks; my jaw clinching as I try not to be sad. A pity party about to set in. I lay here and think about everyone around me who gets […]

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Birth Control. Sex. And being a Woman

Birth control and sex. You can’t have one without the other. Well, I mean you can. However, if you don’t want a bundle of joy in the next 9 months ( see post entitled “This is a kid free zone.” ) I recommend it. The saying, “no glove, no love” should be on the forefront […]

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