A single girl, living life and finding herself in the last frontier.

This is a kid free zone

Oh how I know this topic is taboo. Oh how I have been told time and time again just how freaking great kids are. Sure, they are cute. Sweet even. At times. I just don’t want them. Not now. Maybe not ever. Can you hear the silence? This statement instantly will bring up unwanted opinions […]

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Today was a great day

You know when  you have a good day and you wish every day could be just that good? Those days when you live life, you don’t let life just pass you by. Well today was that kind of day in a simple and rather lovely way. I slept in today. And I mean I slept in until […]

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Life…And buying a Home

It’s been awhile since I have written a new blog post. Normally when I don’t write for a long time it is because I have a lot going on in my life. Then I always tells myself I should write more during those times. It is after all my personal therapy. I don’t. But I […]

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Thoughts from a plane

As I am writing this blog entry my behind is  currently sitting in a plane on my way back home to Juneau. The time is close to 9 pm Seattle time and as I look out my window below me the mountains peep through the clouds. The sun is painting the sky with hues of soft […]

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Online dating

Online dating. A single sentence that can strike fear and bring back horror stories into any single person. I have stories from beyond the internet and I never went out with anybody I met from there.  Online dating. Where everybody goes to meet their true soul mate. *cough* bullshit..bullshit..bullshit*cough* Online dating aka “Hey girl, I’ve messaged you twice […]

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