Thoughts of an over thinker.

I wanted to write this week about something that has been on my mind a lot more lately. Maybe it’s because I don’t have a guy to spend my mental energy on, maybe it is just me; however I always tend to wind up on this topic of thought when I do not have much […]

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Netflix & Chill

Who coined that phrase? I was driving thinking about things I need to get done and I reminded myself I need to get WiFi at my condo. Then my brain went, “oh hey, Netflix.” To which my brain responded “Netflix and chill.” To which I also had the thought that my neighbor has that as […]

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Today was a great day

You know when  you have a good day and you wish every day could be just that good? Those days when you live life, you don’t let life just pass you by. Well today was that kind of day in a simple and rather lovely way. I slept in today. And I mean I slept in until […]

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Thoughts from a plane

As I am writing this blog entry my behind is  currently sitting in a plane on my way back home to Juneau. The time is close to 9 pm Seattle time and as I look out my window below me the mountains peep through the clouds. The sun is painting the sky with hues of soft […]

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Online dating

Online dating. A single sentence that can strike fear and bring back horror stories into any single person. I have stories from beyond the internet and I never went out with anybody I met from there.  Online dating. Where everybody goes to meet their true soul mate. *cough* bullshit..bullshit..bullshit*cough* Online dating aka “Hey girl, I’ve messaged you twice […]

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